Urban Summer Career Placement (Urban SCP)


The objective of the Summer Career Placement (SCP) program is to enable young people residing in urban areas to acquire work experience in their field of study.

Eligibility criteria


The promoter-employer must satisfy the following criteria:

  • Be a private sector employer and/or a legally recognized non-profit organisation;
  • Have physical premises from which it operates;
  • Provide work experience, enriching training and positive supervision;
  • Be able to contribute to the participant’s salary as described in the grid below according to type of organisation;
  • Enclose a copy of the job description for each position;
  • Provide work experience related to the student’s field of study.


The participant-student must satisfy the following criteria:

  • The participant must be a full-time student and have the intention of returning to full-time education (1) in the fall. Written proof from the school is required or complete the “Attestation with the intention of returning to school”;
  • Be fifteen (15) + years old before July 1 of the current year;
  • Be a secondary, college or university student;
  • The summer job must be related to the participant’s field of study;
  • Provide a copy of the last report card; / transcripts
  • Student must have a permanent address in an urban area.

(1) Be enrolled for four (4) courses or more at post-secondary level, or have a minimum of twenty (20) hours of courses at secondary level.

Financial Contribution

Wage contributions from the employer are mandatory. The FNHRDCQ will contribute according to the following terms:

Type of organisation FNHRDCQ contribution
Non-profit organisation 90% of the participant’s hourly rate, up to a maximum of the current minimum wage + one (1) dollar.
Private organisation 75% of the participant’s hourly rate, up to a maximum of the current minimum wage + one (1) dollar.


Mandatory Employer Related Costs (MERC)
The employer covers mandatory employment related costs.

Inadmissible expenses
All other non-mandatory expenses such as union dues, contribution to pension plans and life insurance, and administrative costs payable by the employer and/or the employee are not subsidized by this measure.

General conditions

Duration of Projects
The project duration will be a maximum of sixteen (16) weeks and the end of the project shall not exceed the last Friday of August.

Working Hours
Employment must be for at least thirty (30) hours a week, and must not exceed forty (40) hours a week.

Terms and conditions

  • The jobs must not lead to the dismissal of a current employee or volunteer worker, or to the replacement of an employee who has been laid off and is awaiting recall, or who is absent as a result of a work stoppage or employment dispute ;
  • Dual funding for the jobs created, via other contributions or government subsidies, is prohibited ;
  • All applications will be considered using a client-based approach ;
  • Contributions are conditional upon the agreement of the client’s community of origin;
  • Employment may not go beyond the beginning of the current school year.

Presentation and Processing of Applications

The STUDENT must meet an employment counsellor to assess his/her employment possibilities and open or update his file with the service by the second week of June. The PROMOTER must complete the application form and attach a job description. Deadline to receive requests is the second Friday in June.

Please follow the link for more information http://www.servicecanada.gc.ca/eng/epb/yi/yep/programs/scpp.shtml

For more information contactthe LMDC at: 418-788-1347 or email: lmdc@nulllmdc.ca 

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