LMDC Staff

Lorna Sook

Director, Listuguj Education, Training and Employment Department

A committed team leader to the Listuguj Mi’gmaq Development Centre for over the last 20 years, Lorna has been a driving force in the advancement of First Nations employment and training programming. Her ability to remain grass root focused has allowed the organization to offer programming and services that are relevant to the Mi’gmaq labour force needs. She has been instrumental in her commitment to partner with the First Nations Human Resources to ensure the Aboriginal Human Resources Development Agreements/Aboriginal Skills and Employment Training Strategy meet our people’s needs.

With a career dedicated to public service, Lorna continues to work locally and regionally for the advancement of First Nation people with the Listuguj Mi’gmaq Government, the First Nations Human Resources Development Centre, the First Nations Adult Education School Council and the First Nations Education Council.

In her current position as Director of Education, Training and Employment, Ms. Sook assists in leading her staff in all aspects of Education, Training and Employment programming.

Jennifer LaBillois-Metallic

Associate Director

Jennifer is one of the original staff of the LMDC. In 1996, Jennifer started working as the Summer Student Employment Coordinator, which has progressed into numerous other positions over the subsequent 20 years such as; Youth Employment Training Liaison Officer; Program Officer; Professional Training Coordinator; Labour Market Information Coordinator, Employment Counsellor; and currently as the LMDC’s Associate Director.

She’s is a committed team player who has honed her project management skills through a gamut of employment and training development projects. The bulk of her energies focus on helping the Mi’gmaq labour force achieve their career goals through local programming efforts. With a career dedicated to public service, Mrs. Metallic worked not only locally, but regionally and nationally for the advancement of First nations people with the Listuguj Mi’gmaq Government, the Quebec Native Women’s Association, the Montreal Native Friendship Centre and the National Association of Friendship Centres. On her spare time, when she actually leaves the office, Jennifer enjoys spending time with her family, going for walks, cooking/eating and reading a good mystery novel.

Emily Germain


Brian Martin



Career & Employment Counsellor

Myrna began her LMDC career in 2004 as the Receptionist and moved into other various roles in her twelve years of employment with us, from Program Officer; Professional Training Coordinator; Support Counsellor; and now she is currently one of our Career & Employment Counsellors. In addition to her role, she is equipped to offer workshops in relation to Employment and Training. Myrna assists in discovering career interests, explore educational programs and provides assistance to individuals with readiness and exploration. She really loves helping others, and when she’s not helping clients, she enjoys spending time with family and friends, and practicing the art of patience by fishing, art work and doing crafts.

Dianna Barnaby-Nason

Career & Employment Counsellor

Dianna was hired on with the LMDC on a contractual basis as the Interim Career Counsellor in 2012. A contract position with the Commission scolaire de Montréal brought Dianna back to the community after many years working around Canada. She then was hired at the LMDC as the Counsellor/Project Coordinator for the Seeking Independence Preventing Underemployment(SIPU) Program. In 2015, she was hired as one of the Career & Employment Counsellor. Dianna is interested in keeping physically fit and participates in activities such a attending Zumba class, walking, hiking and snowshoeing.

Cheryl LaBillois-Alcon

Intake Counsellor

Cheryl graduated with a Diploma in Criminal Justice from NBCC Miramichi in 2004. Upon graduating, she was hired by Listuguj Community Social Services as a Delegate for Youth Protection and Young Offenders. After 5 years, she moved to Montreal to become a certified Massage and Ortho therapist. When she returned to Listuguj, she opened her own business, while at the same time completing contract work for various organizations in the community. Her goals are always working towards determining the needs of community members and how she can improve the services offered to them. In 2012, she was hired by the LMDC as an Assessment Counsellor and has recently been hired on permanently as LMDC’s Intake Counsellor. “My education, training and work experience have all been to help others. It can be challenging, but I’ll never stop doing it.”

Casey Metallic

Post Secondary Career & Support Counsellor

Casey has been part of our team since December 2013! After completing a two year Correctional Techniques College Diploma Program at NBCC, Casey began working part time and eventually full time at Centre Jeunesse – Gignu Youth Re-adaptation unit in Listuguj from 2011 to 2013.

Casey started out as Employment/Support Counsellor for the Preparing for the Journey program whose main duties included, working with youths between ages 18-24 and employers around the surrounding communities. He coordinated work placements for 15 to 26 weeks with occasional workshops and follow ups during this period.

In December of 2016, Casey took on a new role at the LMDC as Post Secondary Career & Support Counsellor. He works with Listuguj High School students, providing guidance and support in relation to careers and post secondary schooling. He also provides regular follow ups and support for students during their first year of Post Secondary. When Casey isn’t working, he enjoys spending time with family and friends, being outdoors, working on or building stuff and enjoys his music and cars. Fast and loud!

Christie Caplin-Isaac

Administrative Supervisor

Christie graduated from the Eastern Shores School Board Accounting program in 2010. She started working with the LMDC as the Administrative Clerk after graduating, and in 2014 she was promoted to Administrative Supervisor. Christie co-manages the budgets, processes our payroll, and maintains accounts payable and receivables. One of her favorite duties is planning our quarterly health breaks for the staff. As she likes to say, “A healthy employee creates a positive work environment!”.

Tracey Metallic

Job Supports Coordinator

Ashley Barnaby

Communications & Information Technician

Ashley actually began her journey with the LMDC in 2003 when she participated in our High School summer programs; Environmental Community Organizers (ECO)*, and the following year she took the Career Opportunities Program (COP)**. In 2014, she joined our team as Interim Receptionist and has also worked as; Programs Administrative Assistant; Labour Market and Data Entry Clerk; and is now the Communications & Information Technician. She runs all our social media outlets, creates publications, and maintains our computers so they are happy and healthy! You can catch her singing along to her music sometimes when she’s in the zone, it’s pretty great! When not at work, Ashley loves to play video games, go swimming, have camp fires, and spend time with her friends and family.

*Environmental Community Organizers (ECO), a program that involves Mi’gmaq students learning about our areas natural environment.
**Career Opportunities Program (COP), a summer program which helps high school students obtain essential job skills and prepare them for their future

Lisa Molley

Administrative Clerk

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